Comprehensive Plan
Brad Zearfoss

Planning Commission

Somerset County
Planning Commission
300 N. Center Ave.
Suite 540
Somerset, PA 15501
Executive Summary (.pdf)

Somerset County Planning Commission is applying to the Municipal Assistance Program for funding support to update the Somerset County Comprehensive Plan, an invaluable tool for local land use decision making. The Comprehensive Plan Update represents a revised self-evaluation, undertaken by the County’s leadership as a way to effectively and proactively create positive change for Somerset County’s residents. It will outline focused project recommendations, along with policy and economic strategies supported by public involvement and the planning activities of Somerset County Planning Commission.

Upon receipt of an executed grant contract, the anticipated completion timeframe is 18 months. Once an executed grant contract is established, a professional planning consultant will be hired to update Somerset County’s Comprehensive Plan. A reassessment of community issues will be initiated, with citizens, Somerset County Planning Commission, Somerset County staff, Somerset County municipalities and partners providing input. Constituent input will be solicited to evaluate common problems and develop potential solutions. Lastly, specific action steps will be designated and capable partners assigned responsibilities of implementation, with an implementation team, headed by Somerset County Planning Commission, created to oversee implementation.
The Comprehensive Plan and its committees have the full support of the Somerset County Commissioners. Both the Commissioners and the committees are dedicated to improving the lives of County residents, now and for future generations.

Any interested residents of Somerset County are invited to join one or more of the committees. For more information, contact Brad Zearfoss, at 445-1568 or

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