Somerset County Government - Somerset, PA
Planning Commission

This office is the advisory and research arm of county government. The Planning Commission is charged with the task of promoting orderly growth and development. The agency provides technical advice to municipal officials, promotes inter-governmental cooperation, and formulates as well as implements comprehensive growth plans for Somerset County. The agency administers the county’s interchange area zoning and land subdivision regulations.




Until amendments to the Somerset County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance can be formulated and adopted, by the County,  the following procedures have been implemented, in order to accommodate the recording of Minor Land Development plans at the Recorder of Deeds Office.  This policy will apply only to Wind Turbine and Tower Minor Land Development Plans.


All Tower and Turbine Minor Land Development Plans shall contain:


  1. A Surveyor’s seal as provided for certification of setback distances,
  2. A Recorder’s statement,
  3. An approval block for authorized Planning Commission signature,
  4. An owner’s signature and acknowledgement before a notary,
  5. The municipality name and the full tax map number and
  6. The plan size shall be not less than 18” by 24”.



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Planning Commission


Board Members
- Planning Board List
- Zoning Board List

Downloadable Documents
- 2015 Annual Report
- 2015 Hazard Mitigation Program/Plan
- Airport Zoning Ordinance
- Airport Zoning Ordinance - Map
- Alleghenies Ahead Draft Part 1
- Alleghenies Ahead Draft Part 2
- Alleghenies Ahead Executive Summary
- Minor Land Development Package
- Rockwood Amtrak Train Station Feasibility Study
- Somerset Lake Park Executive Summary
- Somerset Lake Park Feasibility Study and Master Plan

Downloadable Documents (.zip files)
- Along the Great Allegheny Passage

Interchange Area Zoning Ordinance
- a) Zoning Intro
- b) Article I - IV
- c) Article V - VII
- d) Zoning Appendix
- e) Zoning Appendix Map

Municipal Contact Info
- Building Permit Enforcement Agencies
- Municipal Contacts (excel file)
- Municipal Contacts (pdf file)
- Sewage Enforcement Officers

Pages of Interest
- Flight 93 National Memorial Corridor Study Final Plan
- Gas Well Information
- Somerset County Natural Heritage Inventory (Large pdf)
- Somerset County Natural Heritage Inventory (Section 1)
- Somerset County Natural Heritage Inventory (Section 2)
- Somerset County Natural Heritage Inventory (Section 3)
- Stonycreek Watershed Stormwater Management Phase 2 Final Plan
- Subdivision Ordinance Regarding Commercial Wind Energy Facility

Rt 31 West Corridor
- Rt. 31 West Corridor Planning Study
- Rt. 31 West Corridor Zoning Map
- Rt. 31 West Corridor Zoning Map Center Section
- Rt. 31 West Corridor Zoning Map East Section
- Rt. 31 West Corridor Zoning Map West Section
- Rt. 31 West Ordinance Adoption
- Rt. 31 West Ordinance Fee Schedule
- Rt. 31 West Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision & Land Development Regulations
- Minor Land Development Package
- Minor Land Development Package - Wind Turbine
- Revised Plan Standards for Minor Land Developments
- Somerset County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance - 8/13/2013

- Alleghenies Ahead
- Comprehensive Plan
- Somerset County Profile 2016
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