Somerset County Tax Collection Committee

Act 32 enacted on July 2, 2008 amends the Local Tax Enabling Act, Act 511 of 1965, to consolidate the collection of Earned Income Tax (EIT) on a county-wide basis providing for one Tax Collection District in each county with the exception of Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties. The Act is a result of a 2004 report published by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) – a three year study of the earned income collection system. Under the current EIT system, 560 taxing authorities collect nearly $1.9 billion in annual revenue for more than 2,900 local taxing jurisdictions state-wide. By reducing the number of collectors from 560 to 69 in Pennsylvania, the local tax collection system will be streamlined and more efficient.

Somerset County will consist of one Tax Collection District (TCD) whose boundary is congruent geographically with the current County lines with the exception of the inclusion of Scalp Level Borough which is part of the Windber Area School District.

Section 505(b) of Act 32 requires each school district, township and borough to appoint one voting delegate and one or more alternate delegates to represent the entity on the Tax Collection Committee (TCC). The TCC is the governing board of the Tax Collection District and its responsibilities include adopting policies, procedures and regulations and providing for the collection and administration of the EIT.

Tax Collection Committee Delegates
Tax Collection Delegates Weighted Vote Spreadsheet
Somerset County EIT Presentation 1 – DCED
Somerset County EIT Presentation 2 – DCED

Meeting Minutes
10-05-09 Meeting Minutes

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