Court Reporters

What do Official Court Reporters do?
Official court reporters create verbatim transcripts of various proceedings heard by judges and special masters. These verbatim transcripts are prepared by means of computer-aided transcription, employing state-of-the-art technology. The utilization of computerized translation provides not only for the timely delivery of transcripts for appeal purposes, but also allows official court reporters with specialized skills to provide real-time translation in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Does the public have access to transcripts?
An official court reporter often, but not always, prepares a transcript of proceedings.  The original transcript always remains filed in the appropriate office in the Courthouse. So long as the case is one to which the general public is granted access, anyone interested may read the testimony contained in a transcript. Because of the necessity to actually send a case’s file to a higher court for rulings on appeal issues, there are times when the public will temporarily not have access to the contents of a file.

How does one obtain a transcript of a proceeding?
Local and State Rules of Court govern official court reporters' production of transcripts. Requests for transcripts must be submitted by form to the Judge who presided at the hearing being requested. If the presiding Judge approves the request for transcription, the court reporter will contact you and make arrangements for payment and delivery of transcript.

Is there a cost for a transcript?

Local and State Rules of Court also govern the fees charged by official court reporters for transcripts they produce. Again, because of the complexity of these rules it is best for a citizen to call the Office of Official Court Reporter for further information.


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