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It is the mission of the County of Somerset to deliver services to our constituents in the most friendly and efficient manner possible.


If you believe that an indidividual incarcerated at the Somerset County Jail is suicidal or in need of Mental Services please contact us immediately.  We can be reached at (814)445-1500 or via email to the Warden or Deputy Warden


PA SAVIN - Victim Notification Program

Pennsylvania SAVIN powered by VINE is a free and anonymous telephone service that provides victims of crime two important features:  Information and Notification.  Pennsylvania SAVIN is a service of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute and the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency and is supported by a grant awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

You can contact SAVIN by calling 1-866-9PA-SAVIN or 1-866-972-7284.

You can also access SAVIN by going to: This site provides important information to victims of crime in Pennsylvania.  This site provides a number of additional links for notifications to victims, victim compensation services, etc.  If you want to be able to check the status for a county inmate or register to be notified  of a change in custody status for a county inmate you can go to this site.  Once you click on the option you will be transferred to the PA SAVIN page.  You may also access SAVIN only by going to:  You will see a map of the United States.  Click on the state of Pennsylvania.  This will direct you to the PA SAVIN page

Whether you want to transfer money to a commissary account or add money to an inmate's phone account, is the fast, easy way to stay connected.  Signing up is free and Offender Connect provides you with 24 hour-a-day access.  Just think-no extra trips to our facility and no calls to ITI to update your account.

*Manage multiple phone numbers with one account  *Allow inmates to call you with a pre-paid account *Update information without calling ITI  *Add money to a commissary account

Offender Connect is fast, convenient and easy to use.  All of your recent transactions are posted for review and you can even print your monthly statements online.  Credit card information is safe, secure and eliminates the need to write and out checks to mail to our facility.  You'll save time and money while still maintaining a close connection with the ones you care about.  Why wait?  Sign up now!  The Offender Connect icon on the left will guide you directly to their website!

Emergency Response Team


Emergency Response Team









Crisis Intervention Trained Officers

Crisis Intervention Trained Officers











127 E Fairview St # 100
Somerset,  PA 15501
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Fax #  814-445-1504

Gregory Briggs

Deputy Warden
John Caron

Administrative Assistant
Kelly Mowry

Ellen Stephens

Chad Snyder
Toni Maranowski

Brian Pelesky


Downloadable Documents
- Inmate Rights
- Policy Statement Visiting
- PREA Annual Report
- PREA Audit Report
- PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act
County Annex Office Building
300 North Center Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501
Somerset County Courthouse
111 East Union St.
Somerset, PA 15501