Credit Report Disputes

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that Somerset County Prothonotary’s Office is not affiliated with any credit bureau either local or national.   Any information provided to these companies, which appears on your credit report, is provided by an individual employed or contracted to collect and report filings that have been processed by the Prothonotary’s Office.    For any credit disputes or further information regarding credit bureau procedures – you must contact the credit bureau.  We are providing the necessary information you need to reach these bureaus by phone or website. 

Q:  What types of liens and judgments are filed in the Prothonotary’s Office?
A:  The following liens and judgments are filed in the Prothonotary’s office:  Lien Types:  Federal Tax Liens – State Tax Lien – Municipal Lien.   Judgment Types:  Confession of Judgments-Default Judgments – District Judge/Justice Judgments

Q:  How do I get a satisfied judgment/lien off my credit report?
A:  Upon request, this office will prepare a certificate of satisfaction for you to take to the reporting/credit agencies.  These certificates are only issued if the judgment/lien is marked satisfied on the official court record.

Q:  How do I get a lien/judgment off my credit report that is not mine?
A:  Request a copy of the lien/judgment from our office and take it to reporting agency along with any documentation that they may require to prove that you are not this person. 

Q:  How do I contact a Credit Bureau to Dispute an item showing on my credit Report?
A:  Please review the FTC Facts for Consumers at the bottom of this page for assistance or please click on any of the bureaus listed below for further information and assistance.

Experian -  1-888-397-3742

TransUnion – 1-800-0916-8800

Equifax – 1-800-685-1111

FTC Facts for Consumers


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