Probation Internship Program

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Application for Student Internship

What are the eligibility requirements?     


          -Students should be pursuing a course of study in the criminal justice field or a related field of human service

          -Students should be a junior or senior in good academic standing with an overall grade point average of

           at least a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) and a grade point average of 3.0 in their major.

          -Students should demonstrate maturity, initiative and a sincere interest in probation and

           parole work.  Internships will not be granted just to fulfill program requirements.

          -Students must have adequate transportation.

          -A background check will be made on all applicants.  Any criminal arrests and/or convictions 

           may result in the requested placement being denied.


          -Required essential functions:

          *Quickly get into and/or out of a vehicle in response to an emergency situation.

          *Stand continuously for extended periods of time.

          *Walk up/down steps to visit offenders or other parties.

          *Be able to run/jog continuously for a minimum of five minutes.


How do I apply for an Internship?

After securing permission to seek placement from their college’s internship coordinator, applicants will be required to complete an application for student internship.  The application must be accompanied by a college transcript and two letters of recommendation – One from an academic source and one from an employer/supervisor from a work or volunteer setting.  Applicants will forward all requested materials to the Probation Department’s Internship Coordinator.  Upon receipt of the application and accompanying documents, all materials will be reviewed and prospective interns will be contacted to schedule an interview to further discuss opportunities available.


When are the application deadlines?

All applications should be submitted 12 weeks prior to the start of the semester, quarter or summer term for which admission is sought.


When will I know if I have been accepted as an Intern?

All interns will be notified of their acceptance within two-three weeks of their personal interview.  Final acceptance must be granted by the Somerset County Commissioners at one of their scheduled board meetings.  Interns will receive a formal level of acceptance as well as applications for criminal history checks, child abuse clearance, Confidentially Agreement and Acknowledgements.  These must be returned prior to the start date.  The letter of acceptance will detail the schedule and start time and date.


Somerset County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate the acceptance of an intern on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national or ethic origin, socioeconomic or veteran status.


What will be my work hours?

The normal workday is 8:00 am to 4:00 pm though variations on these hours are frequently necessary to accommodate the objectives to be learned.  Students should be flexible in terms of time commitments.  Part time student placements are permitted.  On the first day of placement, unless otherwise instructed, the intern should report at 8:00 am to the Probation Office.  After that, the coordinator will establish an ongoing schedule exposing the student to a variety of day-to-day activities of probation officers.  If special activities are desired, the intern should speak with the supervisor regarding timeliness and feasibility.


Will I be paid or receive compensation for my expenses?

No, the agency is unable to provide any stipends or reimbursement to the student of the school.  Transportation, lodging and subsistence expenditures are the student’s responsibility.


Insurance Coverage….What happens if I am injured or involved in any type of litigation as a result of my placement?

Student interns are not permitted to operate county vehicles.  In the event of an accident where an intern is accompanying an officer and the vehicle in question is a county vehicle; insurance coverage would rest with the county.  If he/she were accompanying a probation officer in the officer’s personal vehicle then coverage would be the responsibility of the officer.


The agency will avoid at all costs placing interns in situations where they may face risk or injury.  However, the intern should be advised that worker’s compensation insurance is their responsibility.


The county has no insurance to cover an intern in situations where they may be exposed to risk or injury, nor is the county empowered to seek such, or to cover such exposure.


If an act of negligence committed by a student intern resulted in a suit brought against an employee of this agency, the county would assume the employee’s defense; unless it was determined the employee did not act in good faith or acted outside the scope of his/her duties.  There will be no response to a claim or suit against the intern and the county will not represent or indemnify any interns in such situations.


It is very important that the student and their sponsoring educational institution understand these provisions and limitations.


What about evaluations?

The agency intern coordinator will be responsible for completing any performance evaluations required by your school.  The intern will also be expected to complete an evaluation for the agency regarding the internship experience.


What duties will I perform as an intern?

Interns must attend a two day training and orientation which acquaints them with the following:

*The organizational structure of the office

*Location of county facilities such as Court House, Jail, 911, Drug and Alcohol Commission, etc.

*Office procedures including Photo ID, key cards

*Policy and Procedure Manual and agreement in writing to abide by all agency policies.

*Individual units within the departments and their purpose.

*Professional Code of Ethics and signature in writing to abide by code.

*History of Probation/Parole

*Structure of Probation/Parole within the Unites States

*Explanation of court system and court processes

*Interviewing probationers/parolees

*Administering and scoring risk and needs assessments

*Assisting probation officers in conducting field visits

*Attending and observing court hearings

*Preparing court documents and intake paperwork

*Assisting with community service crews

*Observe group counseling sessions such as MRT, sex offender counseling, victim impact

*Assist with pre-parole investigations

*Observe pre-sentence investigations and interviews and assist with researching information

*Attend agency trainings

*Assist in preparing case plans.

*Assist with computer data entry and paperwork

*Assist with electronic monitoring hook ups

*Obtain court records as needed


Interns will not:

*Carry or possess a firearm or any intermediary weapons while performing intern duties

*Carry badges

*Sign any document relating to any function of the Probation Office

*Be responsible for the completion of a pre-sentence report

*Supervise a caseload

*Release confidential information

*Drive county vehicles without express permission of County Commissioners

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