Somerset County Government - Somerset, PA
Somerset County Recycling

The Somerset County Recycling Program offers convenient, free public drop-off sites for selected recyclable materials at eight sites throughout Somerset County.  Drop-off sites are located in:


  • Berlin
  • Davidsville
  • Friedens
  • Hooversville
  • Meyersdale
  • Rockwood
  • Somerset
  • Ursina


The following items may be recycled at the County’s drop-off sites:


  • Aluminum beverage containers
  • Bi-metal cans & tin cans
  • Clear, brown, green & blue colored glass bottles & jars

Materials and items not listed above may not be recycled at the drop-off locations.  The drop-off locations are intended for residential households only, not commercial establishments with large volumes of materials to recycle.  The locations of the drop-off sites along with their addresses can be found in the Recycling Locations link on this page. 

Several boroughs and private companies in Somerset County operate their own recycling programs and facilities, and may accept additional materials not listed above, including metals, cardboard, and electronics.  These other locations, and materials and items that they accept are listed in the Recycling Facilities link on this page. 

Somerset Borough is the only mandated recycling community in Somerset County, and offers curbside collection of selected materials to Borough residents.  More information on their program can be found on the Somerset Borough website at:

JVS Environmental offers recycling of selected electronic devices and appliances.  More information on their services is available on their website at:

General questions regarding the County recycling program may be directed to: (814) 445-1571 or by e-mail to:

County Annex Office Building
300 North Center Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501
Somerset County Courthouse
111 East Union St.
Somerset, PA 15501