Somerset County Recycling

The Somerset County Recycling Program Coordinator is tasked with the implementation of the County’s’ Municipal Solid Waste Plan, as mandated by PENNSYLVANIA`S "MUNICIPAL WASTE PLANNING, RECYCLING AND WASTE REDUCTION ACT" of July 1988. The Plan, which was recently updated in 2011, is available for reading and / or downloading, on this site. The Program Coordinator also oversees the collection, sorting, and marketing of certain recyclable commodities by way of its County-wide municipal recycling program, prepares the Annual DEP Recycling Report, and, provides technical support, as required, for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Act 101 grant programs.  In addition the Coordinator is also responsible for the logistical planning of special collection events such as, annual tire collections, electronic and white goods collections and confidential document shredding.  Finally, the Program Coordinator is responsible to answer any questions, regarding waste disposal and recycling opportunities, posed by the residents of Somerset County. Please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator with any questions or comments you may have regarding the Somerset County Recycling Program.


Plastic Collection Discontinuation

With regards to our recent discontinuation of the collection of all plastics including plastics 1 & 2 at our recycling facilities located throughout Somerset County, please be advised that we have been directly impacted by the recent business decision made by JMS Recycling Inc., located at 220 Cannery Road, Somerset to discontinue the acceptance of all Plastics including plastics 1&2, as well as, office paper. JMS Recycling Inc. will continue to collect metals, electronics and, cardboard as usual, until further notice. Unfortunately the only alternative for now is to properly dispose of these materials in the trash. Please check back occasionally for any updates.



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