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As mandated by the Public Welfare Code, this agency provides services to children, ages 0-18, aimed at maintaining and increasing family stability, keeping children with their families, and placing the child in a temporary home when necessary. Program staff works closely with private social service agencies, school districts, the Drug & Alcohol Program, and the Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program, and law enforcement agencies. They are in contact with these agencies in referrals, service planning, counseling, protective and adoption services, shelter and foster care, and institutional placement.


New Mandated Reporter Training

The Mandated Reporter Training for PA went live today. For those desiring to review this program, plan on 3 hours. As information is being disseminated, remember that the main statutes dealing with mandated reporters and training are Act 31 of 2014, Act 33 of 2014, and Act 44 of 2014.  There was a substantial expansion of who is now considered a mandated reporter, including those maintaining professional licenses, certain attorneys, and volunteers who work with kids, such as coaches. There is also now a mandatory training component for those who are considered mandated reporters. If there is a question regarding whether someone is a mandated reporter, this training can assist them with ascertaining for certain. This training is free and a certificate is issued up on successful completion. This training can be found at the following link:


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Accessline: 1-800-452-0218

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Except on Legal Hoildays

Somerset County Children and Youth Services affirms a commitment to nondiscrimination in services, and equal opportunity and affirmative action in all employment actions and procurement activities.


Downloadable Documents
- A Parents Handbook

Pages of Interest
- 2012 Integrated Children's Service Plan
- Accessing Help 1 of 2
- Accessing Help 2 of 2
- Become a Foster Parent
- ICSP Support Groups
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