Somerset County Detectives - Bureau of Investigations

Somerset County detectives are trained police officers who have county-wide jurisdiction.  They act under the direction of the District Attorney.  They are responsible for investigating private criminal complaints filed with the District Attorney’s Office.   Detectives also assist local, state and federal agencies in a wide variety of investigations which include major investigations, sex crimes, drug activity, white-collar crime and homicide.  Detectives maintain a list of cases with active bench warrants and coordinate arrest and extradition of fugitives.  They serve as custodian of evidence in pending cases and assist in the successful prosecution of cases handled by the office

In 1998, the Bureau of Investigations formed a Special Response Team.  The Team is a member of the National Tactical Officers Association [N.T.O.A.] and consists of sixteen police officers from municipal departments.   These officers dedicate their time to receive specialized training.  They undergo annual physical fitness and firearms qualifications training.  The team has acquired specialized equipment and weapons.  The Special Response Team is available to assist all first responders in the county.

County Annex Office Building
300 North Center Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501
Somerset County Courthouse
111 East Union St.
Somerset, PA 15501