The County Treasurer is an official with a high degree of responsibility. The Treasurer is responsible for all
County monies and physically handles all income and disbursements, issuing a receipt for each source of payment and personally signing all disbursement checks authorized by the 3 County Commissioners. The Treasurers' office is the central receiving point for all row office and departmental fees, which are generated through their respective offices.




    Sporting Licenses Fundraising Licenses


   -Dog Licenses                                           -Bingo License Information 

   -Hunting/Fishing Licenses                          -Small Games of Chance Licenses

   -Pistol Permits

   -Boating Licenses

     Property Tax                                                        Hotel Tax 


  -Property Tax Information                                 -Hotel Tax Information





300 N. Center Ave.
Suite 300
Somerset Pa. 15501
Phone: (814) 445-1482
Hours of Operation:
Except on Legal Hoildays

Diane Wiedner - First Deputy
Joyce Walker - Second Deputy
Mandy Bockes - Clerk


Downloadable Applications
- Application for Bingo License
- Dog License Application
- Eligible Organization Games of Chance Application

Downloadable Documents
- 2018 Borough/Twp Secretaries
- 2018 Tax Collectors
- All Forms
- Hotel Room Rental Tax Rules and Regulations

Pages of Interest
- Bingo License Information
- Boating Registration Information
- Fishing Licenses
- Hunting Licenses
- Pistol Permits
- Small Games of Chance Licenses
County Annex Office Building
300 North Center Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501
Somerset County Courthouse
111 East Union St.
Somerset, PA 15501