New address application instructions:


1.       Fill out address application with as much information as possible.  Make sure to put a mailing address and phone number so we are able to contact someone if we have any questions.


2.      Mail or drop off the application to the address at the top of the form.  Our office is located in the Emergency Management office at 100 East Union Street, Somerset, PA.  It will take approximately 2 weeks to receive your new address once the application is received by our office.


3.       We cannot address vacant land.  You MUST mark the property where the structure will be placed.  This needs to be an accurate location.  Due to our addressing guidelines, and the allowance of numbers along any given roadway, we have to be able to see where the structure will be located.  Ideally, we prefer to address your structure when the foundation or footings are started, but land that is marked with survey stakes is acceptable.       


4.     Once the application is received, our representative will research the information and possibly visit the building site to locate your structure.  We reserve the right to enter any property in order to correctly address any structure.  If your property is gated, please inform our office on the application so our representative can contact you to make arrangements to have it unlocked. 


5.     After the structure has been located, you will receive a letter informing you of your address.  Follow the instructions on that letter in order to start receiving mail at that new address and to comply with the Somerset County Addressing Ordinance.