Somerset County Assessment Website FAQ


Somerset County now has a website at that includes contact numbers and e-mail addresses for the Countyís many offices.As part of that website, the Assessment Office link also offers a protected, secure link to our public records.Accessing those records requires that potential users buy a subscription that includes a user id and password to those records.The cost includes a one-time setup fee of $35 then a monthly fee of $10.The fee provides the subscriber with unlimited access to our records, including individual property files, our electronic duplicate which supplies you with actual tax amounts for all tax years from 1996 to the present, access to the Tax Claim Bureau delinquent tax reports, the County Prothonotaryís Office for liens and Civil Court records, and Tech Support.


The Assessment Office information includes land and building descriptions and values from 1991 to the most current information.We have added the tax maps to the website and are currently in the process of adding access to photos of most of the buildings in the county.Other information available includes FAQ sheets on the Clean and Green program, current millage, along with other useful information.


If you are interested in subscribing to the public records information links, please fill out the form below and send it along with a check for $45 (which includes the start-up fee of $35 plus first month fee of $10) payable to Somerset Co. Public Access. After the initial set-up the fee is $10 a month.We bill on a 6-month basis.You will be set up with a user and a password and often on the same day we receive your information you will be able to access the records.



Somerset County Public Access

Somerset County Assessment Office

300 N. Center Ave., Ste. 440

Somerset, PA. 15501
(814) 445-1536


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Make checks payable to Somerset Co Public Access